P.E. credit, is it necessary?

Don't hinder varsity athletes with P.E. credits.


Every time I look at the requirement for graduating high school, I wonder why it is that varsity athletes are forced to take P.E. After all, the amount of time, effort, and hours of sleep foregone by playing a varsity sport is amazing. It is basically the same routine for three or four months straight: wake up, go to school, go to practice for two or three hours after school, come home, try and do homework, go to bed.

This is all a part of the sacrifice we must to play the sport we love. This sacrifice is by all means worth it. But my question is: if we put in hours of time and sacrifice so much by playing a varsity sport; why do we have to take P.E.?

I understand the school district wants to make sure that students are able to take care of their health and get some sort of physical exercise. But that is what Freshman P.E. is for. Varsity athletes don’t need the school to monitor how physically fit they are or whether or not they know the rules of pickle ball. Instead varsity athletes should be investing their time taking subjects that they are generally interested in and saving their energy for their respective sport. I want to learn about something new and interesting, and I don’t want to be forced to work my school schedule around two unnecessary semesters of P.E., especially when I already go to the gym every day during the offseason.

In the end P.E. is a very fun class, especially for athletes. But to make athletes acquire two additional P.E. credits (excluding freshman year) is a little over the top, and so is making them take a test to waive the credits. Student-athletes who have played a varsity sport for more than two years should be allowed to get the additional P.E. credits waived at the discretion of their respective coaches.