Mastermind review

Mastermind: now in theater


Masterminds, a comedic take on a 1979 bank robbery, was recently released in theaters. The film stars Zach Galifianakis as David Ghantt, an armored car driver who is convinced by an old friend to steal over 17 million dollars from the bank he works at.  After stealing the money Ghantt is forced to flee to Mexico where he spends the remainder of the movie on the lamb.

The movie has a great cast, staring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon but the main focus of the movie is Galifianakis. Although he is not at his Hangover best, his hilarious voice, mannerisms and jokes still bring endless laughs to the audience. If you have seen any of Galifianakis’ previous movies (The Campaign, Due Date, It’s Kind of a Funny story, etc.) you will love this one. The movie is full of Galifianakis’ typical low brow humor and will be a favorite for any of his fans.

This is a movie you cannot go wrong in seeing. I would highly recommend it to all viewers. If you are wandering around Bellevue with nothing to do this weekend, make your way over to Lincoln Square and check out Mastermind. The movie is on the shorter side, only 90 minutes, and therefor easy to fit into your schedule. It is a great movie to see with friends: simple enough to not need full attention. And conveniently it is rated PG-13; so there is no stress of sneaking in or needing a parent.

Written by Ryan Leslie

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