Khan Academy

Is Khan Academy really helpful?


Khan academy is “proven” to make students perform better on tests, especially in AP Calculus according to Mr. McMaster, an AP Calculus teacher. Every chapter, students are assigned with ten plus assignments and expected to master each of these assignments by the end of the unit. However, regardless of the extra credit opportunities that come along with Khan academy assignments, I believe that all Khan Academy assignments should be optional.

Khan should be optional because trying to master an assignment that is too easy for you is just pointless. You waste your time answering simple addition questions or concepts you already understand. The same time you use to get to “master” on topics you already understand takes away from the time you have to understand and study difficult topics. Time is especially important for a teen, who has more than just the homework from that one math class, so it would be better for Khan Academy assignments to be optional.

Another reason Khan should be optional is because a lucky guess would still leave you stumped with the questions you are given. As we know, most of Khan has multiple choice answers. This automatically gives us a quarter chance of getting a problem correct. After taking a lucky guess that results in a correct answer, Khan Academy has no option to reveal the steps taken to arrive at the correct answer. For someone who has been stuck in the “Struggling level,” having that option would be a lot more helpful.

Although this homework assignment comes off as a big burden, it would be a true favor for the students to make all of Khan Academy optional. It would not only make us more productive, but also provide us with more extra credit opportunities to raise our grades.