Girls soccer is going to state

Girls soccer had a great season and they carry their momentum into the postseason.

Source/Stephanie Justus

The Bellevue High school girls’ soccer team is heading to state! The team this year has a great amount of talent and potential, looking much stronger than ever before. After an awesome undefeated season so far, the girls hope to maintain their dominance throughout the post-season. With an impressive 15 wins and 2 ties the team recently won the Kingco conference championships for 3A and the league title. With these achievements the team gets an easier path to the state play-off game next week.

Last year, the team had an upset on their home turf in the play offs. The loss was a sudden and startling disappointment to the girls, and it has made the team more focused, determined and hungrier to get the state trophy this year. With many strong seniors on the team, this should be the year they will win it all.

There are twelve seniors on the roster, including the team manager, this year. Most of the seniors have played since freshmen year and were coached by math teacher, Kay Chikos. Coach K is the Junior Varsity coach as well as the assistant varsity coach. The Varsity head coach, Peter Cochran, is new this year; he was also named co-coach of the year for the conference.

Also leading the team, are senior captains, Ellie Bryant, Maud Van der Kooi and Katie Foster. Foster was captain last year and was selected again for her great leadership, team spirit, and hard work. In addition, senior Madi George has made a great contribution to the team as goal keeper. This is her first time ever playing goal keeper and has had little experience playing soccer in her childhood. Even with her lack of experience, George has made some amazing saves that would make you think otherwise. She decided to try out for the team by her friends’ persuasion, but from her extraordinary athletic talent and ability to learn fast, she is the perfect fit. George received an Honorable Mention for the Kingco 3A conference by leading with most saves and having close to the least amount of goals scored against her. Along with Madi George, many of her teammates received awards for first or second team for the conference, and honorable mentions; in total, Bellevue was awarded with the most awards in the conference. We hope the team keeps up the good work and wish them luck for state.

Written by Joelle Tudor

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