Georgetown Morgue review

The Georgetown Morgue offers a unique experience for visitors in October and November.


Searching for a post Halloween scare? The Georgetown Morgue Haunted House is the perfect place to relax with the dead! Previously occupied by funerals and carnations, the Georgetown Morgue now serves as Washington States’ top Haunted House during the months of October and November of each year. The spooky scene is well known in the Seattle area for providing its visitors with the thrilling memories of a lifetime; but BEWARE not everyone survives the tour. Although the lines are tediously long, the experience inside is truly unforgettable.

A brand new section of the morgue was opened up for public access by the landlord this fall, increasing the amount of attention the site received overall. Located in Snohomish, North Settle, the haunted house holds Seattle’s most terrifying unexplained crime. Nine deaths occurred in a single night with no suspects ever identified. This mysterious and unfortunate event created the beginning of an annual highlight for Seattleites.

The grand opening of the event for 2016 took place on September 23rd and since then thousands of visitors have been scared by the bloody characters and high pitched screams inside the deathly maze. Tickets for general admission sell for $22.00 a piece, but many people question if the experience is truly worth the cost. I have become a regular annual attender of the haunted house, and I believe the great scare the morgue creates is much greater than the price of a ticket. So next time you’re in the mood to face a frightening fear, hurry to the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House before it’s too late!

Written by Caroline Swanson

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