Finders Keepers Review

Barque staffer Gary Li takes us in depth


Fans of thrillers should check out Stephen King’s new work, Finders Keepers. Many of King’s late works have been unjustly ignored, with many believing he has passed his peak.

King shows he has lost none of his ability to churn out suffocating layers of suspense and the entire book is as much a roller-coaster ride as his better known bestsellers. The book follows a familiar pattern of a hidden treasure unintentionally dug up and the original owner exacting revenge on the lucky finder, but this time the treasure becomes notebooks of a famous author and the two characters become booklovers whose passion for literature overwhelms the immense wealth the notebooks promise. Their fates are thus intertwined through the immortality of art and promises an exploration in both the transcendental and corruptive power of literature, with each protagonist representing a polarity.

Let’s get one thing straight, though: Finders Keepers is probably no one’s intellectual treat. You will definitely not find a ponderous tome exploring metaphysical reveries or pondering the nature of existentialism. What it does is provide fast-paced, satisfying entertainment while not completely lacking in psychological depth to the point of banality. So when you are wondering around Downtown Bellevue and experience an existential crisis out of boredom, it’s never a bad idea to give Mr. King a shot. His books are available on Amazon for a fairly decent price.

Written by Gary Li

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