West Elm Furniture


On October 20 a new furniture store, West Elm, opened in Bellevue. The store is located on the corner of Main Street and Bellevue Way and it is near Belle Pastry. West Elm is known for its furniture and home decor and it has attracted many people because of the modern design of its pieces. West Elm is also unique because it has a Design Lab which offers free design services. Members of the Design Lab will help customers choose what pieces will best fit the look they were going for as well as what will work inside their home.

Although many people love the furniture that West Elm offers, there have been many complaints about the customer service. Customers have experienced problems with rude employees, ridiculously long waits for furniture to be delivered and communication with the company. There have been multiple accounts of customers having to wait more than a month for deliveries to arrive. This store offers trendy pieces that people love, however many people call the customer service awful and the employees lazy and rude.

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