Social Media 2016

The social media presence has presented a new challenge and a new medium for candidates looking to connect with voters.


The 2016 election has become one of the most controversial elections of all times. With the aid of the media, more Americans have been engaged in this election than in previous years. But many people question where should the media draw the line and allow the campaigns to attract their own following? Many people lack trust with the mainstream media because they feel that their desired candidate is getting the “short end of the stick.” This election has divided the two political parties more than ever and the media has become stuck in the middle. From Trump’s derogatory language to Clinton’s email scandal, people have hardened their views on which candidate is best fit for the job. When the media goes to report on their findings or the latest update on the election, they have to pick whether or not to follow their viewer’s opinions and stay loyal to their political party or get trapped into being politically correct and potentially supporting the other side.

Also, the media has been under fire due to the public’s view on the election’s illegitimacy. Some American’s consider this election to be a “joke” because of the countless scandals and lies that have all diverted our attention from seeking out the best candidate and causing a poor reflection on our country. The media unfortunately has been in the crossfire during the election process for just reporting on the news that is occurring. No matter who is running for president, their qualifications or not, the election process is no time to joke. We have the power to elect our next leader for the next four to eight years and it is imperative that we take this matter seriously.