Mrs. Lutz

One of Bellevue's most interesting teachers.


There is a rarely a time in Ms. Lutz’s environmental science class where you will find yourself daydreaming about topics not related to science. And there is a good reason as to why. From afar, Ms. Lutz may seem like just another science teacher at Bellevue High School.  However, if you pass by her classroom located at the end of the math hallway, you will notice that she is mostly always outside every day, greeting everybody with a smile. Once you step into her classroom, you are welcomed by earth sustainability posters and eager students waiting to learn more about the environment. In addition to her friendly demeanor, Ms. Lutz has an extremely positive and understanding attitude towards her students.  As a child, Ms. Lutz spent a lot of time outdoors, camping and observing nature. So it was no surprise that she decided to pursue her passion- the environment.

Adding on to her enthusiasm to sustain the globe, Ms. Lutz has encountered many once- in-a-lifetime opportunities. Seeing the migration of sandhill cranes in Central Washington is one of the most extraordinary events Ms. Lutz has witnessed.

“They have a characteristic call. There were hundreds of them, with 7 feet wingspans. It went right to my soul,” she described.

Ms. Lutz has also seen a marten; a slender bodied, short legged and bushy-tailed animal, which is extremely rare. Her love for all sorts of creatures encourages her to advocate for other species as well. Ms. Lutz is most passionate about the Great Blue Heron, or scientifically speaking, the Ardea herodias.

Outside of school, Ms. Lutz loves hiking. One notable accomplishment of hers is trekking the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,650 mile hike that begins in Southern California at the Mexican border, crosses through California, Oregon, and Washington, and all the way to the Canadian border, where it ends. Not only is the Pacific Crest Trail challenging, but it also takes months to complete.

“I started with my daughter in a desert and ended up in Canada,” Ms. Lutz explained effortlessly.

She has also completed the Wonderland Trail, a hike that is approximately 93 miles long and circulates around Mt. Rainer.

To many, traveling by foot is a tiresome method of transportation.

But as Ms. Lutz sees it, “I would walk 25 miles a day if I had to.”

Written by Ashley Hsieh

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