Houseparty Review

The new Houseparty allows you to video chat with multiple users at a time.


Houseparty is a new FaceTime app that allows you to talk to multiple people at once. Rather than being limited to one person, or forced to merely partake in a tiresome phone-call, causing you to lose the pleasure of talking face-to-face, you can now fit 8 people in one call. Moreover, with the choice of whether or not to lock the room from having others enter, these chats are never dull.

This new app has flooded through Bellevue High, sparking interest in many students. However, unlike Snapchat and Instagram and other apps that have previously rampaged through our community, Houseparty has not yet passed the test of legitimacy. The origins of this app are fairly unknown.

A common annoyance that has arisen from the popularity of this software is, on other social media apps you are only notified when directly related to a post, comment or message; however, in Houseparty, every one of your friends are alerted when you enter the app. This means countless notifications left on your phone whenever some distant friend accidentally clicks on the app. Luckily, though, there is a solution: turning off notifications individually for different people. Instead of blocking out alerts for everyone, you can still be told when your close friends are online. In all, Houseparty is a great way to connect with all your friends without being exclusive!

Written by Lucy Price

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