Breaking bad habits

Barque editor Peter Hwang argues that pornography has a negative influence in our culture.


As typical teenagers, we all have sexual desires. Having sexual thoughts is not necessarily harmful; however, watching pornography to fulfill our desires can truly devastate our minds.

Porn negatively alters the way relationships are viewed. Humans have essential needs for intimacy and emotional connections with others. When someone watches porn, it results a fake intimacy with an artificial, fake world and can actually lose the interest and ability to bond with real people.

Humans cannot build genuine relationships while simultaneously lusting after the opposite gender. It’s superficial and impossible. In order to create lasting relationships, we need to eliminate dirty thoughts and think purely about the people around us.

In addition, pornography comes from an inhumane industry. The pornography business is filled with sex trafficking, drug use and rape. By watching porn, you are supporting these filthy activities. If you weren’t aware, porn websites make money every time you click on a video. It’s a second thought if it solely harms yourself, but if it affects the lives other people, it needs to be stopped.

The purpose of this article is not to stop people from being aroused. Rather, it’s simply a call to action to stop watching porn.

Watching porn is pathetic.

Watching porn degrades women and it’s inhumane and simply wrong.