Adult coloring books

Adult coloring books are a great way to relieve some stress.

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As high school students, we must continuously find new ways to cope with the immense stress that school brings. An effective and unique solution is to invest in an adult coloring book! These are fairly cheap, usually costing as low as $5. It is surprisingly easy to become consumed while coloring a pattern, and feels quite satisfying after completing an entire design. These coloring books are often referred to as both therapeutic and relaxing, while dramatically increasing concentration.

Additionally, these coloring books contain a very large variety of illustrations, from circular mandalas, to floral patterns, to images with animals and birds on an imaginative background. Not only that, but they are also often a very convenient size to easily grab on-the- go.

The only (and very mild) criticism would be that the images are occasionally are too detailed to easily color inside the lines, possibly arousing slight frustration for those who OCD about details like this. Nevertheless, this is very minor and not considered an issue to most.

Overall, coloring is a great stress-relieving technique which I highly recommend for a couple minutes every now and then, when school is too much, and your mind needs some time to relax.

Written Natasha Schmidt

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