Our President

The election is over and it is time to put the bitterness behind.


For those who are closest to me, it is extremely apparent that I am not happy about Donald Trump winning the election. In fact, I am very angry. However, you don’t see me parading through the streets, protesting the election’s results.

I am sick and tired of scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing how, “Hillary still has a chance to win. Sign here to abolish the Electoral College.” As much as I wish Hillary had won and no matter how many flaws the Electoral College contains, Facebook polls are not going to change anything.

These protesters who claim that Donald Trump is “Not my President” are not making the situation any better. On the contrary, they are only increasing the amount of hate running ramped through this country.

One of the fundamental elements of our country’s democracy is the peaceful transition of power. So, for all those who are angry about Trump’s election victory, I ask you to have a little faith. Obviously I wish Hillary was set to take office, but I am praying that Trump truly does make America great. We need to rid ourselves of this hate and work together to allow America to progress.