What are Melania Trump’s plans if she becomes First Lady?

On the eve of election day Melania Trump remains a mystery, without much of a taste for the rough and tough of the campaign trail, her plans for First Lady remain unclear.


Ever since the blatant plagiarism slipup at the Republican national convention back in July, Melania Trump has steered clear from public speeches. But in a rare occasion on the Trump campaign trail, she recently gave her first solo speech to announce her plans if she becomes first lady.

Possibly inspired by her husband’s taunting antics on twitter, the Slovenian-born former model and Republican candidate’s third wife has visions to improve social media culture because it has gotten “too mean and tough”.

“We must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media…It will be one of the main focuses of my work, if I am privileged enough to become your first lady,” Melania Trump said.

As expected, Mrs. Trump’s hopeful mantras led to a great deal of commentary in the media. As she condemned cyber bullying, The Washington Post noted that she is married to the year’s “cyber-bully-in-chief”. Anderson Cooper pitched in and asked: “isn’t the problem at her own dinner table?” Others are calling the speech an “epic troll”. People have even gone as far to accuse her of plagiarizing yet again, but this time for copying a line from a Marla Maples interview.

In a scurry to obtain more middle-class women votes in Philadelphia, Donald Trump is beginning to utilize his wife more in order to appeal to female voters. Because of the self-inflicted damage he has done to his own campaign, Donald Trump will definitely need to gain more trust in women if he wants to win more ballots on the upcoming election day.

With the new email controversies tainting Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Donald Trump has realized that there is still a chance for him to reach 270 electoral votes. However, regardless, Clinton is still managing to retain a modest lead nationally. Although the victor of this election remains undecided, at least the American people know what Melania Trump plans to do if her husband captures the oval office.

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