Unlinked Leaders

Junior Ryan Leslie offers his insights on how to make the Link Leader program a better one.


On the first day of school I was approached by several freshmen who all asked the same question: where is the library. The library, excluding the commons, is the largest area in the school; how don’t our freshmen know how to find it? Each year before school starts freshman are given an orientation, which above all is supposed to help them navigate the school. So what is the issue? Two words: “link leaders.”

The link leaders neither link the students together as single class, which can be seen by the several freshmen who completely abandoned their groups, nor lead their group. To help freshman better find their classes, I suggest we provide freshman two hours on orientation day to wander the school and find their classes. This will be a good imitation of the first day when they are for the most part alone in finding their class. Hopefully this system will be changed for next year.

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