Parking Problems

It seems as if the efforts to curb after school traffic have backfired.


From the late morning students rushing to class to the endless lines on Wednesdays afternoon, the parking lot is notoriously packed. This year the Bellevue High administrators are enforcing new exit strategies to minimize traffic build up. They have even gone to the trouble of gating off different sections of the parking lot to control what exit cars must use.

I am all for cutting down on parking lot traffic, but there is one minor flaw. The 100 and 200 lot’s designated exit is a right turn only onto 108th. For some that is not an issue because their next destination is heading that way, but for many others, it forces them to go all the way around the school via Bellevue Way. From personal experience, this so called minor change has a huge impact on travel time. Bellevue Way is already filled with cars and being able to avoid it can shave between 10 and 15 minutes from your commute. Students parked in other locations have the freedom to choose how they get to their next destination, while some students are only allowed to turn right on 108th.

I have seen many students resort to making an illegal left turn because of the unbearable traffic. These new changes are promoting illegal driving, which is not only unsafe to the students, but also the other drivers around Bellevue. By prohibiting students to freely pick a convenient exit, we are allowing reckless driving and an unsafe school setting.