Bring back textbooks

As Bellevue transitioned to On-to-One not everyone has been pleased with the outcome and consequences.


What is the deal with nobody using paper books anymore? I risk sounding like a total grandma, but it’s true. Depending on your teacher, almost all of our resources are on our laptops, from classwork, to homework, to group presentations. And that can be a good thing. Sometimes. But one thing we need to bring back for sure is standard paper textbooks.

Reading math problems off of a smudged screen has become the norm, and some teachers will only give you the paper copy of a textbook if you request one. And even though it’s nice to not carry a huge book to and from school, the difference between studying with a physical textbook and an electronic textbook is very apparent.

I find that being able to flip back and forth between pages helps me to absorb whatever I’m reading better than clicking a mouse. Plus, on paper, you can mark the pages with hordes of post-it notes and make notes in the margins (with pencil, of course). Material is always harder to process when its online, whether it be English, Math, Science or French.

And that’s not even mentioning the other issues that come with reading on a screen. The white pages of your calc book may shine brightly, but that red BuzzFeed logo shines brighter. Distractions are EVERYWHERE, and it’s impossible to get any work done while your four open tabs of Cool Math Games beckon you from their perch on the top of your screen.

Our teachers think they’re “saving trees”, and “making studying more convenient”. But there’s nothing convenient about having blurry, burning eyes after studying on a laptop for 4 hours straight. (Yes, mom. I tried turning down the brightness.) So let’s take the ‘dying’ out of ‘studying’, and bring back our paper textbooks.


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