Chance the Greatest

Chance the Rapper has climbed to the pinnacle of the music industry and is one of the bright young stars in rap.


Questioning who the greatest rapper of all time is, is like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg. Both have sparked countless debates over the years, and both have been left unanswered. That is, until now. By the end of this article, I will put each to rest, once and for all.

First off, the egg obviously came first. Two creatures that were close to chickens but not actually chickens had a genetically mutated egg (shoutout Darwin) that was officially, the first chicken egg.

Now that that is over, I will begin discussing the more important of the two questions. The greatest rapper to ever walk the face of the earth is Chance the Rapper. Now before you refute and try to tell me how Kanye West is actually a genius and how Tupac represented the west coast, here me out.

To answer this question, you have to take into account what great means. To be great, you must not only be proficient in one field, but distinguished in many, and Chance the Rapper epitomizes this statement.

No other man or woman in the rap game has positively impacted their community, inspired aspiring artists everywhere, and revolutionized music as we know it like Chance has.

Chance’s music gives hope to his home town of Chicago, known for its violence and gang activity. He sings with the intent to uplift those around him to make his city a better place. But not only does he give back through his music, he has also teamed up with nonprofit organizations such as The Empowerment Plan to help the homeless and less fortunate through numerous programs including The Warmest Winter.

In addition, another aspect that makes Chance so great is the fact that he is still an independent musician. Despite how popular he has become in recent memory, Chance continues to give out his music for free without signing with a label. He says that he has chosen to stay label-free to inspire aspiring musicians and to tell them that they can achieve success by their own means without giving in to the system.

And finally, the final (and maybe most important) reason why Chance the Rapper is the greatest to ever step up to the mic, is for his music. Like everything that Chance does, he is making music his own way. His unique voice and uncanny rhyming ability mixed with the funky beats he raps over are taking the nation by storm as a breath of fresh air from all the rappers out there trying to be something they are not.

So, in conclusion, Chance is the epitome of greatness in the music industry which is why he is more than deserving of the title of greatest rapper of all time.