Khan Academy vs. Web Assign

Both websites are helpful to Bellevue students generally in math and physics. However, both are detested by students for their many flaws.


If you’ve taken AP Physics, pre-calculus, algebra 2 or AP calculus at Bellevue High School, you would know the two awful websites, Khan Academy and Web Assign, that add to students’ homework load and cause mental breakdowns. The question is, which is worse?

To begin, let’s look at Khan academy, a website that makes you repeat topics every day, get five consecutive correct answers until a ‘mastered’ level is reached. This time consuming process is supposed to prevent people from procrastinating and cramming the night before a due date, as you can only level up every 16 hours. However, it actually creates much more stress than value. Being on the fifth and final problem or a ‘mastery challenge’ is a roller coaster of emotions by itself; first there’s the struggle and time it takes to get there, then there’s the risk of flushing it all down the drain if you get the last one wrong, as you run the risk of starting ALL OVER and possibly level down.

Similar to Khan, Web Assign is used to help students practice at home. Students are given specific times of the day and a time restriction for each quiz. The problems on Web Assign are more complex and you don’t have unlimited tries if you get them wrong (depending on the quiz). The pressure of the time limit and questions leave your brain buzzing with adrenaline for minutes after you finish. The answer is submitted to your teacher right away and there’s nothing you can do after one try.

Web Assign ruins your grade, Khan Academy steals your sanity. Good luck… you’ll need it.

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