You’re going to Sammamish!

The City of Bellevue plans to rezone the Bellevue School District.


Currently, Bellevue High School enrolls students who live in the Enatai, Medina, Clyde Hill, and Woodridge area. Due to the large number of students at BHS and the growing teacher to student ratio, the Bellevue School District (BSD) has proposed new rezoning plans. The goal of this plan is to take some of the incoming BHS and Chinook Middle School students and transfer them to less populated schools, Sammamish High School (SHS) and Odle Middle School.

In the past the Bellevue School District has proposed this idea but after much delegation, they voted against the rezoning. The proposed plans will take action in the 2017-2018 school year and will include the addition of the new elementary school currently being built in Wilburton.

The plans contain a combination of the Wilburton School (E18) and Woodridge Elementary zones being rearranged in various ways so that none, one or both of the schools would be relocated to the SHS zone and the remaining go in the BHS zone.

The real problem for some BHS students in some scenario is the lack of policy the BSD calls “grandfathering.” This means that even if the zone changes, once you are a sophomore or older during the year of the transition, you would not have to change schools.

Some of the plans proposed do not allow for “grandfathering”, meaning that once the zones changed and students in 9th grade or below would have to change school, and those older than 9th grade would have to submit a request to remain form. This proposal means that if you are a current freshman or sophomore, you might be required transfer for your junior or senior year.