Yearbook is awesome!

With their fantastic photos and uncanny captions, The Beacon is no doubt one Bellevue's finest productions.

Source/Jamie Reid

All jokes aside, the yearbook is pretty great. Out of the 10 to 15 books that will hold value throughout the rest of your life, one of them is probably going to be your high school yearbook. And my oh my do we have something special here at Bellevue. The basement’s finest, the light that guides us into summer with just enough faces from school to remind us that we have to come back again next year, The Beacon is nothing less than a stellar publication.

A common misconception around these parts is that here at The Barque we don’t appreciate The Beacon. On the contrary, from our perspective, what is the iPhone without a Windows Phone close behind? Where would the Kindle be without its annoying baby brother the Nook? Competition breeds excellence -it’s economics.

Among other things associated with Walmart, The Beacon is a bargain! Sixty dollars to commemorate an entire year of our lives. We spend $100 on Amazon Prime. It’s well known that a picture is worth a thousand words. But what most people don’t know is that a mediocre picture is worth twice as much. In this case, yearbook writes more in one year than 100 issues of The Barque combined. Paying for a yearbook is like paying for lunch. You feel that $9 for the Beef Yakisoba is fair, but you know without it, you would probably drop dead.

We love the yearbook. How could we not? High school is the time of our lives, unless you’re a normal person and it totally is not. We need that shining light of remembrance as we reflect on the social pressures and adolescent struggles contained within the “High School Experience.”

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