“Views” album review

Curious about Drake's new album? Here is our honest opinion.


Though “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” showcased a seemingly harder and evolving Drake, “Views” is undoubtedly a reversion back to his soft sing-song niche, yet falling short of recreating the same piece of work. Drake has successfully carved out a relevant spot in pop culture-dom with “Views” being no exception, as “Hotline Bling” has become a source for a plethora of memes, parodies and social media attention.

Though undoubtedly supplying endless pseudo deep Instagram captions, “Views” fails to provide a genuine emotional authenticity seen in  previous works like “Nothing Was the Same.” At this point, Drake’s mopey and constant talk of heartbreak gets a little old. Nonetheless, there are a few noteworthy tracks deserving of praise.

On a positive note, tracks like “With You” and “One Dance” provides Caribbean undertones, and supplies the album with an upbeat and refreshing vibe to an overwhelming dreary tone. These do both feature guest vocals, which may be the reason why they break free from Drake’s standard sound. “Grammys” jumps out as a frontrunner with a feature from Future, serving as one of the harder tracks on the record and supplying a much needed traditional rap song.

“Still Here” and “Pop Style” showcase more classic Drake hits, filled with strong beats and arrogant, yet memorable chorus lines that just seem to always work. “Child’s Play” contains some witty lines, as he raps about getting into an argument with his girlfriend as Cheesecake Factory and hiding the keys to his Bugatti.

However, tracks like “Fire & Desire,” “Redemption” and “U With Me?” seem a bit disposable, alluding back to his disloyal women and the emotional toll, all amid typical R&B beats. Overall, “Views” is a decent listen, but falls far off the mark in terms of pushing boundaries and showcasing artistic growth.