Technology and the Future

As the years pass by, technology will surely make significant progress. Take a look at some of the technological innovations that we can expect to see.


The future of technology is a crazy thing to think about. Heck, 10 years ago if I told you there would be smart phones with annoying automated voices you would’ve  looked at me like I was crazy. But the fact of the matter is, things are changing, and they’re changing very quickly. We generally like to think of history as being a straight line, especially when it comes to technological development. However, that has clearly not been the case, especially within the last 10 or so years. Let’s take a look at a few innovations/inventions we will likely see within the 21st century.


Cars- With the hefty cost to keep them running, the burden of traffic and high insurance rates, it’s very likely that major changes are coming to cars. On top of this, they’re actually incredibly inefficient, burning a ton of fossil fuels into the air every day. There is over one billion of them on this planet and that number is only going to increase.

Futurists are looking to address this problem with self-driven cars. Scientists are currently working on programming cars with sonar, radar and intelligent mapping which enables cars to platoon together, effectively reducing the amount of energy used to make your car run because they wouldn’t be using as much energy fighting air resistance, while at the same time decreasing the burden of traffic combustion because there will be no drivers out there to be terrible drivers.

Self-driving cars are already being developed by companies like Google, Tesla, Scania and GM who hope to have viable options ready for use by 2025. There may even be flying cars, as no one knows what possibilities the future holds

Airplanes & high speed trains-

The steamboat revolutionized the nineteenth century and the airplane revolutionized the twentieth, there’s no reason to believe that we can’t do better. It’s probable that we’ll see hypersonic planes by the end of the twenty-first century, enabling a person to travel from London to Tokyo in about 3 hours.

Artificial intelligence-

While Siri is certainly a cool accomplishment, she’s quite annoying and always has something smart to say at the wrong place and time. By the end of the 21st century we’ll most likely see general artificial intelligence (AGI) as opposed to what’s known as narrow intelligence. AGI includes intelligence such as robot dogs and personal robot servants that are capable of performing a task better than a human being.

Smart clothing/accessories-

The apple watch is certainly a good start, but its likely developers will take this one further. T-shirts that can monitor heart rate, and cycling shirts that can sense external motion to better protect a cycler’s safety are just a few examples. There is also wearable technology that is being developed that would be able to determine your size for a piece of clothing you want to order on amazon before you actually order it.