Summer Opportunities

Do not waste your summer tanning when you can do something work.


Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a break from studying things you don’t really care about and do something that interest you. You can make some extra money, gain some new experiences, or just have fun. There are countless ways to stay occupied this summer- here are a few.

Lifeguard: After taking a three day certification class, it is easy to find a job as a lifeguard in Bellevue. Most places have flexible hours, and the job is not hard either, as long as you can deal with a few crazy children here and there.

Camp Counselor: Whether you’re volunteering or getting paid, being a camp counselor is a great way to build a variety of different skills. It teaches a variety of different skills, including leadership, communication, problem solving, and much more. If you’re looking for something with a little more action, this is a fun way to fill your summer.

Internships: It may be hard to find a good internship that suits you, but if you ask around (i.e. your parents and their friends) and are able to find one, then it is a great way to build your resume while learning valuable skills. Let’s be honest, it’s really about what goes on college applications- and this looks great.

Volunteer: Maybe you can’t find the job or internship for you or your applications for summer programs were rejected. Maybe, you just like volunteering. Whatever the case, there are countless places in Bellevue where you can volunteer. Try looking on different museum websites or places that would suit you. You can also become a tutor for younger kids.

Whatever you’re interested in, there is something out there for you if you do a little research. Your summer is the best time to build necessary skills and grow your resume, but in the way you want to do it.