Open Mic Night Update

The first annual Open Mic Night was a huge success due to student and teacher volunteers.

Source/Jake Escobar

A few Friday nights ago, on May 13, 2016, Bellevue High School held its first annual Open Mic Night. It was an event open to all students, parents, teachers and administrators that and gave anyone the chance to read and present a piece of their writing to the audience. Whether it be a short story, poem, song or stand-up comedy, if it was in any way connected to writing, it was good to go.

The Bellevue High School community definitely did not squander this opportunity to share and express themselves, as there was a large turnout for Open Mic Night. The event’s coordinator, English teacher Ms. Weitman, was more than pleased with the size of the crowd, as well as the quality of writing. With many students presenting their own writing, as well as teachers including Ms. Golding and, of course, Ms. Weitman sharing creations of their own.

Senior Jenna Abbassi kicked the night off with a beautiful poem about being a fish. Her poem talked about her desire to be looked at and wanted by another person, like a fisherman desires a fish. It was comedic, but also deep and very well-written. Then at the end of the night, Abbassi and her friend, senior Audrey Ku, performed a hilarious satirical rap that they originally created for a satire project in a past English class.

Another standout performance was junior Reeve Nunn’s stand-up comedy routine. Combining his sharp wit with his sensational sense of humor, Nunn provided an exceptional performance that had the audience laughing all night long.

“The way it was set up was very intriguing. The order was random, which gave it a variety of backgrounds and genres. It was a very entertaining event, and I would attend the next one.” Junior Alex Combs said.

Overall, Open Mic Night was a massive success. It was an amazing opportunity for students and teachers to share their writing in a safe and supportive environment. Hopefully Open Mic Night becomes a regular event at Bellevue High School.