Give people a chance

Source/Jamie Reid

Bellevue High School students are often portrayed as being affluent and privileged. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the assets you are provided with, however, the main problem at BHS is that we are extremely judgmental of others. There are students who abruptly shut another student down or even look down on him or her the moment we hear something negative in the hallways. We pretend as if he or she is invisible because of the assumptions we often make.

One’s relationship should not be affected by what others say. This may sound cliché, but it must be emphasized.  It is easy to believe in an opinionated perception of your close friends about others, and yes, you should always take in consideration of outside voices, but never let an unproven fact about others spoken by your close friends be the determining factor of your relationship with others. For example, when we are all in our own groups of friends, something negative about somebody else is brought up in the conversation. Next thing you know, we leave the conversation convinced that we know everything about that person. Why? We base people off from what others say about them.

Although a rumor or gossip about a person might be true, we have to realize that everybody makes mistakes in their lives and we have to give them a chance. Don’t judge people on the spot; try to have a genuine conversation with them and have some kind interaction. It’s fine if you give them a chance and still don’t connect with them, just make sure you let other people decide their opinion of someone for themselves.

Here at BHS, it is important to know that each and every student is born into different backgrounds. All of us have gone through different paths of life, so it is essential to be mindful and respectful of every person and situation.

Whether it’s at sports games, assemblies or even in the hallways, there is a visible lack of unity at this school. We can change this by being less critical of other people and being open-minded.

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