Future of BHS football

Since 2000, head Coach Butch Goncharoff has lead the team to 11 state titles.


After 16 illustrious seasons, including 11 state championships, the Bellevue School District is in the process of finalizing plans to remove head football coach, Butch Goncharoff. Goncharoff has led the Wolverines to a record of 196-15 during his time at Bellevue High School.

Shortly followed by this news was the district’s decision to inform assistant coach Pat Jones that his position would not be renewed next year.

The district believes that these coaches violated rules by accepting money for out of season coaching clinics among other things, even though the coaches claimed to have received permission from the district. Jones states that the rules and the alleged violations don’t make sense.

”You don’t pay us in the summer. We’re not employees of yours in the summer. Yet, you’re telling me that I can’t take some of my friends that I coach with in the fall, and they can’t work for me in the summer. I don’t agree with that,” Jones said.

It is extremely sad to see the legacies of these great men be tarnished after everything they’ve given this school. Both Jones and Goncharoff have served as not only coaches but mentors and role models to countless kids that have come through the program.

So, despite all the negative things that have been said about our football program and our school as a whole recently, I am still proud to be a Wolverine and I hope that both these coaches know that nothing the district does will ever erase what they have done for this school.