Faculty Pokemon cards

Students have seen the faculty Pokemon cards everywhere but many don't know how they got there.

Source/Dan Prang

While walking around the halls these past couple weeks you may have seen some Pokémon cards on the door of one of your teachers rooms. It is one of the many great ideas that the leadership class has come up with to appreciate the hard work the teachers do throughout the year. Think of this as more light-hearted version of the Staff-O-Grams that students give their teachers every year. These were filled with compliments as well as some of the funny, unique quirks that we all know are teachers for.

Junior Class Officer Andrew Kim talked about how they came up with the idea in leadership class.

“As a leadership class we thought we would make a unique, personalized for each teacher to thank them. It was Matt Jenson who first came up with the idea,” Kim said.

When asked if it could become a tradition, Kim said that he sees no reason why it couldn’t be.

Senior Yen-Wen Lin commented on the entertaining cards.

“My favorite card is Mr. Kralovich’s. His socratic irony move is very accurate and I have fallen victim to it numerous times,” Lin said.

It is these kind of gestures that are the cornerstone of leadership making a fun environment for both faculty and students. When we can both applaud and chuckle at their characteristics as it builds a stronger relationship between the two parties. Take a moment to thank your class officers for making school fun again.

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