Create your own sport

Tired of lack of new sports at BHS? You have the opportunity to create and play your very own sport.


Considering Bellevue High is one of the most athletic schools the nation has ever seen, I can understand how starting a new sport at BHS could be daunting. Although we pride ourselves on being the best athletically, there is always room to bring new and innovative sports into our community. By diluting the number of sports offered at BHS, students have the ability to play a sport for fun rather than be committed to a full season sport.


For example, say you and some buddies enjoy throwing a frisbee on the weekends in the sun shine. Why not bring that activity to Bellevue by founding a club? It is as easy as grabbing a few friends, filling out an application form, and consulting ASB. Beyond Frisbee, there is a multitude of other obscure sports: fencing, polo, cheese rolling, pickle ball, curling, cricket, pool, darts, rowing, archery and decathlon racing.


One of our fellow lacrosse players, Julia Clark, loves participating in quidditch during practice. Not only is it a fun twist on a traditional sport, it also lends itself some hilarious pictures. Sharif Khan also is nationally ranked in a sport most confuse with a vegetable, squash! Both are tremendous athletes in their own unique talent and should bring those sports to BHS for all to enjoy.


“Quidditch and other sports of that type are incredible ways to have a good time, get some exercise, and spend time with friends. It is a season highlight and I wish I brought this obscure sport to Bellevue,” Senior Julia Clark said.


I invite all of you to step outside the box and go talk to ASB about starting a new club sport!