Club of the month: Pre-med Club

Pre-med Club is a perfect way for those interested in the medical field to gain experience with the community.


Pre-med Club is a place for people to be able to get involved in a community that has similar interests as them and better understand the medical field. There are currently 25 members in the club and the President is Peter Ch’en. Grace Bahn is currently the Vice President and when asked what kinds of things the club does, Bahn had a lot to say.

“Our club brings in guest speakers, gives presentations about the medical field and explains various volunteer opportunities throughout the year and over the summer,” Bahn said.

One of the previous speakers that came to talk to the club was a hand surgeon, Dr. Schick, who operated on chemistry teacher, Mrs. Sieler. Pre-med club is a great way for students to get exposure to the medical world and talk to people who have real experience. Bahn has many dreams for the future of the club and hopes that it will give students even more exposure to the medical field.

“I hope that the club expands and gains more interest among the student body. I also hope that our club is able to bring in more guest speakers as well as volunteer opportunities so that people are able to gain more knowledge and hear about experiences from the perspective of physicians themselves,” Bahn said.

In the past, Pre-med Club has volunteered at Relay for Life and various hospitals in the area. All students interested in gaining experience in the medical field as well as volunteer hours to expand their knowledge of the medical field should check out Pre-med Club. If you are interested, meetings are every Friday in Mrs. Sieler’s room.