Captain America: Civil War movie review

Marvel fan reviews the franchise's latest blockbuster.


“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” has some competition now for best Marvel movie. There’s no other way to say it: “Civil War” is phenomenal. Marvel continues the trend of upping the stakes by pinning our favorite heroes against each other: Captain America and Iron Man.

After countless casualties resulting from The Avengers’ attempts to save humanity, the UN decides that the world’s mightiest heroes need a little something called supervision. Iron Man agrees, Cap doesn’t, and the rest of the Avengers pick and choose their sides. The result is ultimately one of the most exciting, emotional and crucial films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Civil War” has an entirely different tone from “Winter Soldier” in that it’s more bombastic in its storytelling. Again, there are a lot of Avengers in the movie (more than the freaking Avengers movie itself), and while “Winter Soldier” was a relatively grounded, dark political thriller, “Civil War” is a louder, more colorful take on the political theme, and a much more personal one as well.

This time it is a matter of morals and ethics, and it’s amazing how the movie pulls off giving each side of the argument weight and credibility so you could argue about who’s right and wrong all day. Written and directed by the Russo Brothers, who are also responsible for this film’s predecessor, “Civil War” proves that a superhero movie can be made without a near-apocalyptic event taking place. There doesn’t need to be any cities lifted from their roots or aliens flying in from wormholes to convey a sense of excitement.

The Russos are well aware of how invested their audience is in these characters, and they use that knowledge to their advantage. They pit your favorite heroes against each other, and in doing so, manage to produce some breathtaking action…and pull your heartstrings a bit, too.

Overall, “Civil War” is an expertly made film. The acting is spot on and the directing and writing are masterful – it’s a relevant, empathetic and powerfully conveyed story with tons of popcorn blockbuster appeal. It’s intense, it’s political, it’s personal, it’s fantastic. See this movie.