Calculus mistaken as bomb threat

An Italian economics professor at University of Pennsylvania was racially profiled on an American Airlines flight.


On May 4, an Ivy League economist was accused of being a terrorist because he was doing advanced math on an American Airlines flight. This 40 year old man boarded his flight on Thursday evening and started scribbling in his notebook. The woman next to him looked over and saw that he was writing cryptic notes. Shortly after, she flagged down a flight attendant and gave the attendant a note stating that she was worried about the safety of the flight because a terrorist may be on board.


After the pilot had been notified, the man and woman were escorted off the plane. The authorities realized that the strange writing the woman thought to be Arabic was actually differential calculus. The man accused of being an Islamic terrorist, Guido Menzio, was actually an Italian Catholic. The flight finally took off, more than two hours after its scheduled departure time. The woman who accused Menzio never reboarded the flight.

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