Book of the Month

If you do not have any book ideas, don't fear, this could be your solution.


It is often forgotten that many of the beloved movies we have come to cherish over the years come from amazing pieces of literature that reach a whole new level of the capacity for imagination and excitement. Often forgotten as being a classic piece of literature, The Princess Bride is an intriguing and exciting adventure story, suitable for all ages and genders.

With many twists and turns, this story follows the princess Buttercup as she goes on a unique journey in the land of Florin.  However author William Goldman takes an interesting stand in this book, by having Buttercup’s journey be a story within a story.  Author, Goldman makes up a story about his own life and the abridgement of The Princess Bride from author S. Morgenstern.  In these two made up worlds, Goldman poses himself as a boy who loved the book The Princess Bride, and had to hunt it down as an adult for his kid in all the bookshops in New York, finally finding it.

Buttercup’s story is what Goldman says is the cut down version of the original story and therefore throughout the book Goldman has his own commentary in italics.  Buttercup’s life journey with many twists and turns makes for a very exciting book.  Senior Haley Nordstrom, who encouraged her entire lit circle group to read this gem expressed her fond feelings for the novel.

“The Princess Bride is an amazing book full of adventure, romance and fun.  Every single page has a gem hidden among it.”

I recommend The Princess Bride to anyone who seeks a classic yet longs for a miraculous journey of your imagination.