Bellevue Activists targeted

The Blacks Lives Matter movement has been experiencing multiple hate crimes.


Police in Bellevue are investigating two hate crimes committed against Black Lives Matter advocates from the East Shore Unitarian church in Bellevue’s Factoria neighborhood. The suspect threw a sign that read “black lives aren’t worth s***” and “I hate n******.” A Black Live Matter sign was also vandalized weeks later.

Church members were holding signs on April 24 along Factoria Boulevard when an unidentified male drove by and threw a sign plastered in racist statements about African Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Weeks after the incident, the church’s controversial Black Lives Matter sign was slashed.

Police have been unable to identify the suspect. While the suspect was caught on tape by a traffic camera, the poor image qualify made it impossible to decipher the license plate number from the image.

The events on April 24 and May 7 come just after a possibly related incident in February where the First Congregational Church’s Black Lives Matter sign was defaced. The word “black” was spray painted and replaced with the word “blue,” reading “Blue Lives Matter.”

“It could be the same suspect. What concerns me is that the sign was pre-made and the [car] arrived and left within seconds,” Bellevue Police Captain Kleinknecht said.

Church members say they will continue to stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, despite efforts to shut them down.

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