Artist of the Month

Olivia Bell started writing under unusual circumstances and has had a knack for it ever since.

Source/Silas Chu

Bright, talented and adroit – these are all words peers, teachers and acquaintances can use to describe Olivia Bell. She does not create an assemblage of words in which she calls sentences or paragraphs, Bell depicts her thoughts using a pen as her paintbrush and words as the picture.

Bell started off writing due to unusual circumstances.

“This is actually a funny story, I lied all the time about the stupidest things when I was really young. Got to this point where I was fabricating all these stories until my first grade teacher encouraged me to put my energy into something else, which ended up being creative writing, “Bell said.

After the rocky start, the transition from being a liar to an astonishing writer was easy. She has been attending Interlochen Center for the Arts during the summer for a couple years and has been published in their catalog.

Bell draws inspiration from people around her for her characters but her favorite thing to write about is color.

“This sounds strange but colors seem to have their own personalities. It’s easy to use color to write about symbolism, which is why I like writing about them so much.” Bell said.

Bell’s talent is infectious, anyone who surrounds her takes away some part of her talent.

“I remember her having a very unique voice and is extremely creative. After reading hundreds of essays, hers stood out. She has been the optimum example for her peers. She gets the importance of imagery and understands the power behind sensory details in her writing,” English teacher Mrs. Grayson said.

You may have heard one or two of her poems at Bellevue High’s Open Mic Night but if not, do not worry, you will hear-or read- great things from her one day.