AOTM: Will Swanson

Senior Will Swanson threw his way to first place in the KingCo championships for javelin.


When he’s not flashing the TCU “horned frogs” symbol during school, chances are you can find senior Will Swanson on the aux field throwing the javelin (jav). Swanson made the transition from lacrosse to jav in his sophomore year and was looking forward to trying out a sport that was a little different and one that he did not know much about.

“A lot of my friends were telling me how much fun track and field was, so I joined and it turned out jav was the best fit for me. I didn’t really know anything about it going in, but I figured I could probably throw a stick pretty far,” Swanson said.

Well, it turns out that he can throw the jav more than just “pretty far.” At the KingCo championships Swanson lead Bellevue and placed first with a throw of 168 feet, a throw that got him into the record books as the sixth best jav player in Bellevue High history. After districts, Swanson was honored to compete at the State championships where he placed _____ with a throw of _______.

All this success did not come easy. Over the past few seasons Swanson has built up his strength through Football weights and conditioning (as he is a four year member of the BHS football program) and he has mastered his technique by being one of the most dedicated members to the team.

“My form is a big part of my game. Jav is pretty chill about attendance, but I always feel like as a leader I should be there, so I go to every practice I can,” Swanson said.

Others on the team have noticed his work ethic and leadership skills. He took on the title “Jav Chief,” captain of the jav team, this year and takes his job very seriously, mentoring others to help them excel.

“Quote from another Jav player about how Will has a good attitude and helps out other players a ton”

His great attitude will come in handy next year as he is planning on joining the TCU jav team and hopes that he can continue to improve and help out the team as much as he can.