AOTM: Paige Sorgen

As a mere freshman, Sorgen has become a force to be reckoned with on the tennis court.


If you walk by the tennis courts, you may witness the energy of a young prodigious tennis player in the making. This year’s girl’s tennis team is a dominant force of talented athletes, but their overall success has been driven by a young, charismatic freshman, Paige Sorgen. Picking up a racquet at just 10 years old, she immediately became hooked to the sport, elevating her competitive status into the national level. Her versatility in the sport has helped build her a name to be recognized among the tennis community.

Speaking about her triumphs, last summer, Sorgen competed all the way to the zonal level in the USTA Junior Competition, finishing among the top 12 in The Pacific Northwest division. Her high performance has been a product of her dedication to the sport, competing in the prestigious Northwest High Performance Tennis Club weekly, and supplementing her free time with hours of additional practice. Moreover, her success in her club has transferred to her striking season as part of the high school’s tennis team, placing sixth place at districts and almost advancing to the state tournament.

‘’I almost qualified to state, but next year will be my year,’’ Sorgen said.

Her rapid rising in the sport can be attributed to her athletic household. Her dad, initially being a soccer player acquired a knack for playing racquet-ball, and from there developed into an avid tennis player. With the interest of her daughter, Sorgen and her dad played tennis leisurely together, as he coached her into becoming a skilled player with the help of additional coaches along the way. And starting from playing at the Pro-club, her passion for the sport grew swiftly as she enrolled herself into more competitive teams.

When talking about her teammates and mentors, Sorgen had nothing but positive things to say.

‘’The teammates and coaches are all really encouraging, and I hope to emulate their leadership,” Sorgen said.

Sorgen hopes to pursue her passion for the sport beyond high school and compete competitively in college. But for now, the skies not limit for Sorgen, as she has a bright successful future ahead of her.