The West Coast is the Best Coast

The battle of East vs. West is finally settled, and the West emerged victorious.


A wise man named Snoop Dogg once said “nothing comes close to the golden coast”, and he is right. It is undeniable that the West Coast is definitely the best coast, but sometimes people forget the billions of reasons why. For starters, we only have three states that make up our entire coast line, not 14. Ask anybody that doesn’t live there to name every state on the east coast and they will maybe give you five.

We also don’t have unexpected weather like that of the East Coast. There’s no tornados, no hurricanes, no snow storms and no crazy heat waves that make it impossible to go outside. And sure, Disney World is bigger, but on the West Coast we prefer quality over quantity. Not only is Disneyland the OG amusement park, but you can do it all in one day, so you don’t need to plan out 4-6 days to enjoy the whole thing.

Entertainment also doesn’t fall short, as some of the biggest music festivals in the nation happen here, including Paradiso, Watershed and of course, Coachella. The greatest television shows of all time take place here like Saved by the Bell, Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C., iCarly, 90210 and Full House.

Our sports fans are louder than anywhere else in the world and our coffee is top notch. The most successful companies in America and even the world come from the West Coast. Some of these include Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, Microsoft and Apple. So while the East Coasters may have their big cities and shellfish, just remember that they are also the home of Donald Trump.