The POWER of power poses

An easy way to be the most powerful person in the room.


Body language is a key part of our communication, but surprisingly, it also plays an important role in our test taking abilities.

According to a study done by Amy Cuddy, who appeared on TedTalk, taking up more physical space (power posing) for at least two minutes before an interview or test allows our bodies to change our mind.

In the study, participants were either told to do power poses or low power poses (hunched posture) before an interview. Then participants went through an intense five minute interview, where the interviewer is trained to keep a straight face (no nonverbal feedback), all of which were recorded. Afterwards, the video was shown to four coders who were blinded to the hypothesis, the conditions and who had been power posing.

The result showed that the coders wanted to hire all the people who had done the power posing because they were more confident and brought presence to their speech. So, based on the results, power posing can also have a substantial impact on how we do on a test.

Since power posing only takes a few minutes, we should all power pose before a test and see for ourselves the improvement in our grades.