Spring has arrived

Spring is upon Bellevue once again, and that comes much excitement and anticipation. Check out some of the things that Bellevue teachers and students are looking forward to this spring.

Photo/Silas Chu

With the start of spring there is also the emergence of new trends and the beginning of spring sports as well as the end of the dreary winter weather. There is a lot to look forward to this season and many students eagerly share their thoughts. Ariana Pazooki, a junior at Bellevue High School, is very excited for the vacations she will be taking this upcoming spring.

“I’m excited for it to get warmer and for the trips I get to go on. I’m going to California for spring break to tour colleges and see my family and on a mission trip to Ensenada, Mexico to build a house with some of my friends,” Pazooki said.

Students are also looking forward to the beginning of the spring sports seasons. Aaron Cheah who is a senior at Bellevue High School, cannot wait for the track season to continue, and to improve his track game.

“I’m looking forward to track season, improving my times and finally getting on Katherine Penner’s level,” Cheah said.

Some students are just excited for the end of winter and the endless rain and cold weather. Anna Guyumdzhyan, who is currently a junior at Bellevue High School, is excited for the end of the winter season.

“I’m excited for spring break, and getting the chance to go outside without thinking about wearing 500 layers of clothes in order to stay warm,” Guyumdzhyan said.

Students are not the only ones who are excited for the start of spring. Lori Alexander, a teacher at Bellevue High School is also excited for the upcoming spring season.

“I am excited for all the cute baby animal videos that come out in spring. All the baby animals are born in spring and I love watching the videos that come out,” Alexander said.

Spring definitely stands out as one of the most anticipated seasons of all, and this opinion is echoed throughout Bellevue as many students and teachers are eagerly waiting.