New Common App

A group of colleges are supporting a new admission-application

Photo/Michaela Pasewark

A coalition of colleges, including the Ivy leagues, is supporting a new application system that will be released in April 2016. Although this new application system does not have a name yet, it carries the high hopes of many administrators to help benefit low-income students.

Different than the common app, this new application system will have three components available to students. The first part is a digital portfolio to keep and record all of the student’s high school works and participation. All of the information in the portfolio will not be automatically sent to colleges, instead it acts as a storage space where the students can have easy access to their works when they start applying for college.

The second part to the system allows the student to share items in their portfolio with counselors and teachers. In return, the students will receive feedback and advice about their future plans.

Finally, the third part of this system provides specifically branded essay questions and allows the students to submit their answers along with video responses or artworks.

Thus, with this new application system soon in place, it will most likely affect incoming freshmen. But more importantly, it could be replacing the well-known common app.