The clubs at Bellevue working to save the world

A handful of students run organizations at Bellevue High School that work to make a difference in their community.


 Giving Tree 

The Giving Tree was organized by Callie Weber and Bri Mohr. The sophomores started the club in their freshman avid class as a service project to help support the homeless kids at BHS. They loved the idea of helping those around them so uch that they expanded it into a school wide club. Starting with a fundraiser to help collect money for school supplies, snacks and other necessities, the girls have touched the lives of many grateful students. Weber and Mohr hope that this club continues to serve as long as teen homelessness in Bellevue persists. The Giving Tree is hosting a gift card drive from Feb. 29 to March 4 and they meet every Monday during tutorial in room 1113.

Key Club 

Key Club is an international community service foundation that specializes in civil outreach. This organization allows student to pitch ideas for service projects and then proceed to implement them. Key Club holds monthly district wide gatherings where multiple schools participate in team bonding activities and execute larger scale projects as a whole community.

“Key club is a really fun way to meet people and give back to your community while getting service hours,” sophomore Alexis Khuu said.

Key club meets every Thursday after tutorial in room 2119.

National Honor Society 

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization based upon four main qualities; scholarship, leadership, service and character. Students are recognized for their academic achievements, community service projects and their overall contributions to school activities. National Honor Society is one of the few clubs at BHS that requires a minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students learn how to work within their community and within their school on service projects and acquire the skills needed to become a successful leader. This club focuses on the student as a whole, promoting a well-rounded, academically driven student and active leader within their community. National Honor Society meets on the second Monday and Tuesday of every month.

Bending the Arc 

Bending the Arc is a social justice activism and leadership group that tackles racism and discrimination. This club specializes in creating a safe haven for students to come and learn about others experiences and their concerns within our school and community. Their goal is to reach out to students and empower them to say their opinions and views about equality for all races. Once a month they host a two hour workshop with professors from the University of Washington and Bellevue College to discuss pressing issues about social differences and to provide a ‘no racial barrier’ environment. You can check when Bending the Arc meets every week outside of room 1113.

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