Tech Team

Meet the students that have volunteered to help other Bellevue students with their technology problems.


Cracking jokes dealing with crying teachers and finding ways around filters is just a regular day for our new student run technology team. The tech team is managed by two people with the combined energy of a Labrador on steroids- Kristina Keogh and Rob Samsel- the team is already a success.

“In other schools within the district, the tech team has not been as successful possibly because it was not selective, we are lucky to have such a talented and nice group of students,” Keogh said.

The idea of operating a student help desk originated at Sammamish High School, the first school in the district to go one to one. Students applied and were chosen to be part of the team last month.

The team’s daily jobs range from swapping out broken computers with loaners to helping students understand OneNote and OneDrive. Two students operate the help desk every period in the library.

“[This job] needs a lot of energy,” freshman Simon Kang, who works at the desk during 5th period, said.

“It’s fun most times – it is relaxed out front. I like working with kids and adults…it’s nice to use my technology skills,” junior Jerry Iseman, who works at the desk 7th period, said.

“I like to help people – it makes me feel good to help others,” sophomore Alex Delepine, who works at the desk 1st period, said.

“It has been nice to have a wide variety of students at the help desk with a wide variety of talents.  We have been able to utilize those different talents to help the entire student body,” Samsel said.

Keogh is actively looking for applicants to be part of the team in the fall. If you are interested, stop by the library and visit the team.