Sports for fun!

Stop worrying about the varsity letter, play a sport for fun.


When was the last time you played a sport for fun?  Not because you had played that sport since birth or because you needed it for college apps, but just for the heck of it.

“I’m going to quit if I don’t make varsity” is a phrase often echoed throughout the Bellevue halls, and even more so followed through by many students.

The sports culture at Bellevue has become so fixated with being on varsity, that often people have forgotten what’s most important at the end of the day: having fun with what you do.

Don’t get me wrong, being on varsity or having varsity aspirations is incredibly cool, but it is often forgotten that high school sports can be low-key too.  Students should stop thinking they have to be the best of the best, or at least appear to be, to be accepted.

This year I tried out for basketball, and knowing my skills weren’t at the high level of the other ballers in the Bellevue Girls Basketball program, I asked to be on C-team along with several other seniors.  Out of all of the other seasons I had ever played for any sport, this year was by far my favorite, yet also the most rewarding.  I got to play a sport I love, with people I love, and when the crowd total was an average of seven parents a game, the pressure was never on.

Whether it’s repping your teams swishy sweats in the hallway, wearing jerseys adorned with the Bellevue blue and gold and having hype up sessions in the locker rooms and on the bench, the reasons for playing a sport are endless. Yet this opportunity is often passed up.

Did you like the badminton unit in P.E.? Then try out for the badminton team!  I understand many teams often have too many people try out and other policies, but at the end of the day the worst they can say is “no.” High school goes quick, and you don’t want to wonder what could’ve been.