Rounding grades

How the rounding of the tiniest percentages can make the biggest of differences.


For four long years, our lives are dictated by the grades we receive. For a lot of us, it determines our college and future. High school requires some level of work for each of us to individually reach our goals, whatever they may be. But all of us will have the same problem as we go through high school- a problem that would be so easy to fix by just another fraction of a percentage. Sometimes we just weren’t quite good enough, something that is hard to accept when you know that the problem would be solved if teachers would just round that grade.

Maybe you got off to a rough start. Maybe it was one test you forgot to study for, a homework you didn’t turn in or there were other things besides school (shocker, I know) going on in your life that prevented you from getting that extra fraction of a percent. Or it could be that you just can’t get the hang of the subject. Whatever the reason is, there should at least be some understanding once the end of the semester comes and the grades are going in.

An 80 percent is the same as an 89 once it comes to GPA. But the 80 is on the verge of being a 79, whereas an 89 is on the verge of an A- completely different grades. Yet, they are still calculated in the same way. You can ask yourself about everything you could’ve done even to the slightest to have reached that 90, that 80 or that 70, but ultimately you know you put the work in and you want, (or maybe even need), that grade. We all know teachers have a lot of classes, but so do we. Sometimes things slip a little. It doesn’t mean we are less deserving of something so small as a fraction of a percent.

Not all teachers refuse of give us a little bit of slack, but I think I can vouch for all teenagers when I say we have a lot going on in our lives. Rounding helps us out, making our lives less stressful, without taking anything away from the teacher. Yes, we have to prepare for the “real world” but for now we are in high school and these grades will determine our life in this so-called “real world.” I’m not intending to put all of the weight of our futures on grades, but if there is something that can help us achieve our goals for the future, then teachers should help us out a little bit.