New class guide

A sneak peek at some of the many new classes that will be offered here at Bellevue next year.


Race in the Unites States:

This new class, worth one semester credit, is a product of Bellevue High School’s Bending the Arc club, made in an effort to educate students regarding race relations in the United States. This course will introduce students to the history and modern implications of race in the United States, which parallels the clubs goal to educate students of the different racial minorities and their significance to this country.

Beyond the content of this class, the focus will revolve around sharpening of thinking skills, research, writing, discussions and will give a window into the personal experiences of people of different races. Students will utilize these skills to help learn about the social constructions of race, different racial movements and organized forms of racism that have evolved our nation.

Chamber Choir:

For the students heavily interested in music, Chamber Choir will be available for highly capable vocalists looking to perform in regular competitions in and out of school . The previous choir classes are being split into three separate classes. One will be an entry level men’s choir, which will aim to train beginner male students and gain experience. The second is Treble Choir for intermediate vocalists, and the third is the Chamber Choir class which is meant for students with singing experience. Ideally, Chamber Choir will be composed of upperclassmen, but all students that have the pipes are welcome.

AP Capstone (AP Research):

In progression of AP Seminar, AP Research gives students the option to deeply explore an academic topic or problematic issue of individual interest. Based on their personal choice, students will conduct a year-long research project to investigate and answer questions pertaining to the issue.

Anatomy and physiology:

This new class is a year-long elective, and is applicable for college credit as well. In comparison to other classes, this will be taught by professors from the University of Washington who will commute to Bellevue High School and teach the material to its extent.

In this introductory course, students will investigate the human body and the networks that operate together to produce our functional body. They will delve into the various organs, and study how they interact in relation with one another as well as the physical functions they perform. In response to learning about the body, students can transform that knowledge into maintaining their own bodies in a healthily homeostatic manner, and learn about what not to do to disrupt their bodies balance.


Overall, if none of these classes are within your interest, there are still a couple of options to consider. Business Calculus will be an additional choice to take for those with prerequisites in either Business Pre-calculus or Pre-calculus, and will be taught at a slower pace without an AP exam.