Cinderella: a play with big shoes to fill…

A quick preview on Bellevue High's newest play.


This spring, Bellevue High’s very own drama crew and orchestra will perform the musical, “Cinderella,” from April 13-16. When you read the title, “Cinderella,” you might have been imagining the Disney animated movie from over 60 years ago. However, when Bellevue High drama teacher, David Kline, chose this particular story for his latest musical production, the Disney rendition of the story was far from his mind.

“This isn’t going to be like a Disney production, this is more in the style of Rodgers and Hammerstein. This is real theater, this is a real classic. This will be fun,” Kline said.

For this production, Kline chose to dig deep into the roots of the fairytale, reflecting the more mature nature of the original story. When selecting a fairy tale for this musical production, Kline chose “Cinderella” because he felt that its message was most relatable to the present state of our society.

“The story’s about two things: transformation and hope. Right now, I feel like we are in an era of hope, and it is very apparent here at Bellevue High School,” Kline said.

To help bring this hope and transformation to life, are sophomore Mia Mooko, sophomore Jordan Naini and senior Lauren Kadavy, just to name a few of the cast of “Cinderella.” With such well-rounded and talented actors, one thing that Kline hopes for is to see a large audience for “Cinderella.”

“I would love to see the Bellevue High School pack the PAC. I would love to see us sell the show out. I would love to see people come in and experience the transformation and hope,” Kline said.

Expectations are high, and the show is sure to exhibit the usual professionalism of Bellevue High drama productions. “Cinderella” is bound to draw crowds of fans for our very own Bellevue High School cast. Make sure you are one of them.