AOTM: Lukas Michener

Mr. Michener played college football at the University of Washinton.


Underneath his quiet voice and calm personality, Mr. Lukas Michener holds an impressive legacy in sports, particularly in college football. Today, Michener is a much loved and respected AP US History and AP Seminar teacher, but one might be astounded to find out that he once tackled Marshawn Lynch as a Husky wide receiver –and that’s only a fraction of the great stories to be revealed.

“I was a senior and he was a freshman at the time. I didn’t know who he was, so I didn’t have a particular emotion about tackling a big player. I found out much later –now I think it’s pretty cool,” Michener said.

Michener has played various types of sports in addition to football such as soccer, recreational hockey and rugby at Dartmouth Graduate School. Out of all his experiences in a wide range of sports, however, Michener expresses a special connection he felt with football.

“I grew up playing soccer and my athletic roots are in soccer, but there was something about playing football in high school that I fell in love with. I give particular thanks to the coach, who made the team feel like a family. I had played soccer for a long time, but it was nothing quite as close as my football team,” Michener said.

Michener finds and shares some of the most valuable life lessons gained from playing team sports that helped sculpt who he is as a teacher today.

“Sports taught me failure: there’s a lot to be said for dropping a ball, losing a game and responding to it appropriately. What’s so similar about playing a sport and teaching is that success does not happen in an instant, you’ve got to have a direction and goals in what you do everyday,” Michener said.

Even as a full-time teacher, Michener spends his free time to go trail running, biking and hiking. Although he can no longer spend hours everyday on the field possibly tackling another future football superstar, Michener is very happy with his current sport –teaching what he loves.

Finally, here’s a message to all from Bellevue High’s very own Mr. Michener: once a Husky, always a Husky. #GoDawgs.

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