Anna Wilson

Wilson was recently selected to represent Bellevue High School at the prestigious McDonald's All-American Game.


Stardom does not come easy, regardless of genetics. From five am work outs to grueling six hour practices, Senior Anna Wilson has shown that her pure athleticism and continual drive to improve has culminated in the ability to play in the most iconic high school basketball game in history. The McDonald All American game attracts the top high school athletes from around the nation and has a prerequisite roster of LeBron James and several alike. Anna is thrilled to be a part of such an amazing and fundamentally elite program.

“I am simply playing with the best, against the best, and coached by the best. The pressure is heavy but playing along side girls with this amount of skill is unique and exciting. I play my best when I am put against tough competition,” Wilson said.

Wilson has her own innovative formula to success. Beyond her strict training regiment, Wilson enjoys watching NBA players to increase her basketball IQ.

“I watch a lot of NBA games and really study the explosiveness and shot selection of Steph Curry and players like him. It’s the attention to detail that makes little things turn into big results,” Wilson said.

Before Anna moved to Washington from Virginia this past year, she played on one of the most notorious AAU basketball teams the nation has to offer, Boo Williams Elite. Not only was she heavily recruited during this time, her commitment to the game was solidified. She had some lofty, yet achievable goals that she wrote down in the beginning of her high school career in Virginia and she has strived to meet them here in Washington.

“Before practice one day in Virginia, my coach asked me to write down my goals upon a white board. They included winning a gold metal on the national team, being a part of the top ten recruiting class for 2016, and playing in the McDonalds All American. I have been fortunate enough to meet all of these,” Wilson said.

In terms of preparing for the big day, Wilson is thankful for her amazing BGB crew while she takes to the court in Chicago for the big game. Practices, ran by coach Leah Krautter, have been instrumental in continuing Wilson’s success. Averaging 16.7 points per game for Bellevue, BGB is grateful for her contribution to the program.

“The girls on the team have all grown into even better athletes and teammates because of her influence. She leads by example and her competitive nature and passion for the game is contagious,” Coach Leah Krautter said.

Stardom is nothing new to the Wilson household. Yet, notoriety is not simply given, it’s earned. Wilson has put forth an incredible effort towards basketball and is optimistic about her performance in the All American game and beyond.