The 405 Toll

Information about the toll that drivers now must pay to ride the I-405.

Photo/ Jamie Reid

With high traffic congestion, the state of Washington implemented a new I-405 toll to ease the flow of traffic.  However, the 17 miles of traffic between Lynnwood and Bellevue has been heavier than ever.

“The 405 toll is becoming a two tier system, roads for rich people and everyone else. Personally, I do not take 405 anymore because the traffic is worse than ever,” Junior English Teacher Ms. Maki said.

Solo drivers and two-person carpools during peak periods can pay a toll to use the express toll lanes with any current Good to Go! pass or using Pay By Mail at a two-dollar higher rate per toll.

Carpools are allowed to use the express toll lanes, however, you must have the correct number of occupants in your vehicle and even a Flex Pass to ride toll-free.

Recently, tolls in the new I-405 express lanes hit their legal limit of $10 per trip which sparked an online petition called “Stop 405 Tolls”, which has a lot of support.

I-405 tolls’ intentions to benefit the traffic flow has been lacking and problematic which has left many people in the greater Seattle area with questions and complaints.